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Indira and Andrew have been best friends for more than 10 years. Together they have been planning events since they were in high school where they participated as team members for their community's American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. As the years went on, they found themselves leading these events. This fostered their love for event planning and is what pushed them to start Dare to Dream Events!

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Indira Escribano

Let's meet Indira! Indira Escribano was born in Habana, Cuba, but as a baby her family immigrated to the sunny city of Tampa! She is fluent in both English and Spanish, thanks to her family and teachers. After high school, Indira went on to join Kiley at the University of South Florida, where she initially majored in Elementary Education. After rapid changes in the schooling industry, she chose a different path. However, she has found that her background in education has helped her excel in time management and leadership, as well as communication. After just getting married at the end of 2022, Indira is enjoying married life and is looking forward to her honeymoon in Europe! In the meantime, she looks forward to making others just as ecstatic for their own weddings. and being their for every couple as they go through the challenges that only weddings can bring about.

Andrew Escribano

Let's meet Andrew! Andrew Escribano was born in Alexandria, Virginia. As a child, his family moved overseas and he spent most of his childhood in Italy. Being immersed in a different culture while growing up gave him valuable experiences that still influence him today! After seven years, his family returned to America. He met Indira in his final years of high school and the two became instant friends. After graduating, he pursued a Communications degree at the University of South Florida. Backed by his overseas experience and his degree, Andrew excels in organization, creativity, and attention to detail. Days before graduating college, he discovered his passion for helping others achieve their perfect wedding day. And shortly after, Dare to Dream was born!

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